5 Tips To Prevent Electric Shock Around Your Business

5 Tips To Prevent Electric Shock Around Your Business

Electric shock occurs when someone comes into direct contact with electric current. This exposure to electricity can lead to serious injuries and sometimes even death. More than 1,000 people die from electric shocks in Australia and many of these are from the workplace. As a business owner, these statistics should frighten you, especially since electricity professionals themselves can get injured by electricity. And whether or not you get an electricity professional, it’s important to equip yourself with information on how you can prevent electric shock around your business so that you can avoid the negative consequences that follow.

  • Know what you are doing: Just how many years of experience do you have? It takes years for electricians to familiarise themselves with everything there us to know about electricity, either by apprenticing under a more informed professional or attending school. It’s important to be an informed customer by having a working knowledge of the electric systems of your business premises. However, you should put down your tool kit if most or all of what you know comes from a quick Google search.
  • Enlist the help of a professional: An electric professional is your best bet of getting to the root of electrical problems at your business and fixing them. A professional will help identify code violations at your business premises, wire it as well as help with HVAC and lighting just to name a few. You will want to conduct some research, ask for recommendations and check their website before hiring an electrician. Also, ensure that you work with a licensed professional who provides a written cost estimate upfront.
  • Turn it off: If you are going to attempt electrical work by yourself, the first precautionary measure to take is turning off the electricity. All the equipment should also be unplugged from the sockets. Be sure to warn your employees that you are working on the electric system so that they don’t turn it on before you’re done.
  • Avoid water: Keep all the business equipment away from water. Ground fault circuit interrupters should also be installed in parts of the premises where there is water as they come in handy in helping prevent electric shocks. They achieve this by monitoring current going in and out of a circuit and stopping electricity flow at the slightest difference in electricity flow.

Take care of your equipment: Buy equipment from reputable manufacturers only and use them as directed by the manufacturers. Allow plenty of space around the machines that generate heat. Always use cords that are in good condition.

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