5 Tips To Prevent Electric Shock Around Your Home

5 Tips To Prevent Electric Shock Around Your Home

A lot of factors play into making a house a home. In addition to making memories, personalised furnishings as well as a warm ambience, creating a sense of security in your house is an important element of creating a homely environment. An effective way of achieving this is maintaining electricity safety to avoid shocks around your home. The importance of electrical safety can never be stressed enough. A little negligence can not only lead to serious injury, but also death. Here are a few tips to prevent electric shock around your home.

No to DIY electric jobs: You should never attempt a DIY electrical task unless you are a licensed or trained electrician. This is not only a bad idea, but also illegal in Australia. Countless accidents occur every year due to crappy DIY jobs and while mishaps don’t always happen immediately, the consequences aren’t worth the risk. You may end up doing more harm than good, thus putting your loved ones at risk.

Enlist the help of a licensed professional electrician: The first option you should resort to when an electric issue should be working with a licensed electrician to get it fixed. From appliances that can’t stop overheating to broken switches, there is nothing professional electricians can’t fix. Even better is that they inspect your electrical system to identify the root source of the issue then rectify it. Ask to see the credentials so that you can confirm their qualifications before making a final decision on who to hire.

Get rid of octopus connections: The use of extension cables to increase the number of connections should be avoided as octopus connections are the primary cause of electrical fires. If possible, don’t connect high-powered appliances such as microwaves, heaters and ovens to extension cords as this can lead to circuit overload.

Install a safety switch: Safety switches are a big help as they automatically shut electric flow whenever irregularities in the current occur. This can prevent serious injuries as a result of electrocution. Again, this is a task for a professional electrician.

Test and tag appliances: This is a common procedure in businesses which can prove beneficial at home. This is meant to test whether or not your electric appliances are safe for use. A certified electrical technician in Victoria can help you inspect and tag appliances that pass the test as safe.

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