Electrical Safety and Hazards For Kids

Electrical Safety and Hazards For Kids

One of the greatest threats to kids at home is electricity. The hazards surrounding it are far too many and electrical safety is a prime factor of consideration around the home. The consequences of electricity build up from shock, which may cause other effects such as brain and nervous damage, to sudden death.

Electrical hazards to look out for

  • Worn out or exposed wiring.
  • Plugged in and turned on electrical appliances.
  • Wet surfaces that are in close proximity to electrical appliances, wiring or outlets and that can easily be accessed by kids.
  • Faulty switches and sockets.

Electrical safety for kids

  • For starters, you should always check to see that all work out electrical cables are replaced with sheathed ones. Similarly, have an electrician check and rectify any wiring that may be exposed to the surface, to avoid it being yanked on and pulled off by kids. On the same breath, check to see that all your appliances, do not have faulty wiring.
  • Make sure that all your appliances, are not plugged in if they are not frequently used. If they are used often, make sure that they remain turned off until the time of use.
  • The most effective electrical safety implementation you could employ is to teach your kids on the same. Make sure that they are knowledgeable and aware about electrical hazards. On the same note, have them report to you anything that they deem hazardous so that you can take immediate action. This is effective for instances that you do not have control over, such as when they visit another house or in school.
  • Avoid having wet surfaces around the house. Keep the kids away from any wet surfaces and dry them immediately. This should be done regardless of the proximity of the surface to electricity.
  • Teach the kids to avoid electrical appliances that they have no business using. If they are old enough and are in need of it, teach them how to operate appliances safely. That is so that in the event that they do, they can take all the necessary precautions.
  • Always make sure that you run regular inspections on your appliances to make sure that they are in good working condition. If an appliance appears faulty, regardless of whether its wiring shows or not, have it fixed immediately.
  • Keep small objects away from children. Do not let them insert anything into sockets or appliances. Use protection for the sockets and appliances, where necessary.
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