Four important things to know about electrical safety and children

Four important things to know about electrical safety and children

Keeping our children safe is our main concern as parents whether you live in Australia or any part of the world it is a common trait we as parents all share, it is for this reason we are bringing you this list of four important things to know about electrical safety and your children.

  • Outlet Covers – this has to be one of the most known ways to keep your kids safe from electrical outlets. You can find outlet covers in a variety of styles and colours to suite your individual needs. These covers will prevent little fingers from getting stuck inside the outlets as well as prevent any foreign objects from being stuck inside the outlets. These are easy to use as adults and they are pretty simple in design.
  • Electronics & Water – while your little ones might not realise the dangers of putting the radio or TV in the sink full of water you do, which is why the responsibility falls on you to keep electronic devices away from water sources in order to prevent an accidental electrocution. You can also explain to your children about the dangers of electronics and water that way they are learning vital lessons while remaining safe.
  • No tugging on cords – I am sure when you are running the sweeper if your kids are like mine then they are right there with you trying to help, but be mindful of where they are and what they are up to because you don’t want them to tug on the cords and rip them out of the outlets or even have the cords in their mouths.
  • Space heater safety – when the time of year comes for space heaters there are few precautionary steps you can take to ensure the safety of your kids and the entire family. Keep your space heaters up and out of the reach of pets and children to avoid accidentally knocking it over. You also want to keep your space heaters away from things such as furniture, blankets, curtains and other things like these that can pose a fire hazard.

There are many hazards that can be found in our homes on a daily basis so ever little bit you can keep away from the kids is one less harmful thing they can get into. If you have any doubts or questions about whether something is safe there are many different organisations out there you can contact for assistance.


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