Four Methods To Reduce Your Gas Bill

Four Methods To Reduce Your Gas Bill

The key to reducing your gas bill is an efficient use of gas. In addition to a reduced bill, this can have quite an impact on the environment. But why exactly is energy efficiency important. Most of Australia’s energy comes from the use of oil, gas, coal and other forms of non-renewable energy. This leads to the release of harmful chemicals, particularly carbon dioxide, which lead to the greenhouse effect. In addition to negative effects on the environment, gas usage can be costly for households, individuals and communities at large. Using gas more efficiently can help reduce your bill considerably.

Identify and purchase energy saving appliances

Appliances account for up to thirty percent of the energy used in households across Melbourne, Australia. With the steady increase of energy cost and people’s increased reliance on appliances, using energy efficient appliances become even more important. An energy rating label on modern gas appliances lets you know the annual energy consumption in megajoules. Appliances that are coming with the energy rating label include space room heaters, water heaters and ducted heaters. The label also serves as an incentive to manufacturers who want to improve the energy performance of appliances.

Understand the appliance energy rating scheme

Consider the price, features, size as well as the running cost of an appliance during the purchase process. For gas appliances, the energy rating scheme shows how much gas they use each year. The more stars there are, the more efficient an appliance is. And while models with more stars can be expensive, buying the cheaper ones with fewer stars can end costing you a lot of money in terms of the gas bills as well as the long term running cost of the appliance. Taking the running costs as the second price tag can help you make an informed decision as to what to or not to buy.

Improve insulation

Another effective way of reducing your gas and energy bills is to improve insulation around your home. Having a good insulation system in your home helps improve heat retention, making you less dependent on gas and energy to keep your house insulated.

Cut consumption

Of course, the most obvious way of cutting your gas bills is to reduce consumption in the first place. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to carry out your daily tasks. It just means that you cut out the unnecessary tasks that lead to the use of gas.

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