Gas Or Electricity? What’s Best For Your Oven?

Gas Or Electricity? What’s Best For Your Oven?

When it comes to buying an oven, it is not just about personal preferences and style. There are many other factors of consideration and one of the biggest, and perhaps one with the most debate, is whether to opt for a gas-powered or electric oven. Instead of analysing the advantages and disadvantages of each oven individually, we will attempt to analyse each power resource against the other in terms of all the key checkpoints for an oven.

Energy consumption and cost

A gas-powered oven turns on and achieves maximum heat in a very short time, as compared to an electric oven. This means that less energy is spent in getting the oven hot. Unfortunately, it also loses heat just as easily when turned off, meaning that you cannot save energy by turning the oven off and having the food cook by accumulated heat alone. On the whole however, when compared per unit, gas is a much cheaper resource to electricity.

Safety and maintenance

Though electricity has its hazards, gas is considered a much more dangerous energy source. Perhaps by virtue of this fact, you will find that gas ovens and gas lines have a more sturdy build as compared to electrical ovens and wiring. Putting that in mind, gas ovens and lines will need less maintenance and it less costly. Electric ovens on the other hand have more moving parts and may need frequent maintenance, making it costly.

Heat distribution and temperature control

Electric ovens have a much more effective heat distribution when compared to gas ovens. For gas ovens, the flame is harder to control and it may therefore be uneven and spread the heat unevenly. On the same note, it is easily affected by the elements such as wind. When it comes to temperature control, the electric oven still has a better advantage. Regulating a flame is more difficult as opposed to an accurate temperature control on the electric oven.

Electricity is more readily available and better distributed than gas. Unfortunately, not all places have gas lines. Even so, gas can still be purchased in canisters. That said, in the event of a black out, electric ovens are rendered useless as opposed to a gas oven. Easy canister replacement also puts gas at an advantage in case it runs out, as opposed to a black out which might take quite some time to fix, depending on the problem.

Is gas or electricity better for your oven? The answer lies in your own interpretation of the analysis. At the end of the day, you will have to weigh the advantages of both over their disadvantages and pick the better risk.

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