How to avoid overloading your power points

How to avoid overloading your power points

In order to avoid overloading your power points, you must first understand what this means. Overloading your power point happens when you are exceeding the maximum amperage of the electrical circuit you are using. This is easy to do and happens much more often than you think but it cannot only be harmful but it can be dangerous as well. When you overload the power points in your home you run the risk of that point short circuiting and leading to a fire in the worst case scenario.

Avoiding the overloading of your power points is simple if you take the time to think about what you are doing first. Please join us in looking at some tips that will help you avoid overloading your power points in your Australian home. When looking around your home you probably notice each room only has about two or three power points, this could be more or less depending on the age of your home and layout, but typically the magic number is two power points per room. This can lead to the use of extensions as well as surge protector strips to add outlets to the room, and while these might be helpful they also have the potential to overload your power outlet and cause problems. To avoid problems with the adaptors don’t plug one adaptor into another if you can’t plug it directly into the power point then you probably should not plug it in at all.

You might need to take turns with your items and only plug in the item you are currently going to use and unplug those items you are not using to help protect yourself from overloading the power point. Besides being safer this will also help save you some money on your power bill. The other thing to look at is the amount of amps your appliances use. Typically the newer appliances boast about “energy star certification” meaning they are the most energy efficient, but if you have older appliances they might be eating up your amps without you realizing it. If your appliances are older it might be a good time to replace them. If you are not able to replace your high amp appliances then you should resort to plugging only one appliance into the power point rather than plugging in multiples.

One easy way to determine if you are overloading your power points is to keep an eye on your circuit box, your meter box has a series of protection devices to guard against overloads and the fuses and circuit breakers are two of the most popular and well known devices. If you find you are tripping the breaks more often than not the chances are good that you are overloading the power point. We urge you to take a walk through your home and take a good look to see where you might be overloading power points and remedy it to keep your home and family protected.


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