How To Reduce Power Use In Your Bathroom

How To Reduce Power Use In Your Bathroom

The most effective way of reducing power use in your bathroom is reducing the need for water coming to the bathroom. In addition to saving on the water bills, this reduces the amount of power that’s used to move water around. Think about it this way – it takes a lot of electricity to move water from the city water treatment plant all the way to your house. This is a hidden cost of water and if not checked, it can lead to expensive power bills.

The key to reducing water usage and hence kerbing power use is to know how much water you actually use not only in the bathroom but also the entire house. You can achieve this by checking the flow rate of on the faucet aerators and shower heads. These are outlined in the item specifications. You can also use a flow rate chart to accomplish this task. In addition to the flow rates, you should also check your water and electricity bills for a more elaborate estimate of how much water you use.

Making some simple hardware switches can go a long way in helping reduce the use of water in your bathroom, and hence power use. And while some of them may have upfront costs, they pay for themselves quickly like most energy efficiency measures. Your local rates, however, determine how quickly the hardware will pay for itself.

  • High-efficiency faucets: These are easy to install in your bathroom and can help reduce the amount of water you use by up to half. Faucet aerators are also cheap options of reducing water usage in the bathroom, especially since they are designed to reduce water flow while maintaining high pressure.
  • High-efficiency showerheads: Many of these have a flow rate of more than 2.5 gallons per minute, and modern ones can reduce water use by half or more. Like high-efficiency faucets, they are easy to install.
  • Bathroom lighting: Many homeowners have bathrooms that are too bright because they are over-lit. A light meter is used to measure the brightness of a room. If you have four light bulbs under the sink, unscrew two of them. This will leave your bathroom sufficiently lit, but lead to less power use. Also consider swapping to LED bulbs as these don’t consume less electricity, thus cutting the power use in your bathroom drastically.
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