Light-bulb moment: LED vs halogen and fluorescent lighting

Light-bulb moment: LED vs halogen and fluorescent lighting

Have you heard all the hype about making the change between traditional light bulbs and these new energy efficient LED bulbs? There are many different types of light bulbs on the market today, but what are the differences? Allow us to show you in this brief and easy to read comparison.

led lights savingsHalogen Bulbs

These bulbs typically will last between 2,250-3,500 hours which is substantially longer than the incandescent bulbs. The Halogen bulbs give off a very crisp, bright light that is white. Majority of vehicle lights are using Halogen bulbs because they do not fad over time like Incandescent bulbs. The down side to these bulbs though is their high energy consumption and extreme heat output. Halogen bulbs have been banned from certain universities because of their fire hazard risk.

Fluorescent Bulbs

You have to push the old stigma out of your head when it comes to these bulbs, the new and improved models are not as noisy nor do they flicker like the older models used to. The Fluorescent bulb is a long skinny glass tube that is covered with phosphor on the inside. This gas along with a small amount of mercury is what causes these bulbs to function. The glass tubes rely on the electronic ballasts which regulate the electricity flow through the bulb. These bulbs will last you about 10,000 or more hours. So, they are the longest lasting bulbs on the market.

LED Bulbs

Also known as light-emitting diode bulb, use a semiconductor as the light source. This is one of the most energy efficient options at this point. These light bulbs last a lot longer than the other options on the market, but they do cost a little more as well.

Incandescent Bulbs

These bulbs have been used for almost 120 years and have been wonderful until the new options that are more energy efficient came out. The bulbs work by heating up a wire filament inside the glass to heat up which causes the glow (or light). These bulbs obviously get hot to the touch and will give off a substantial amount of heat. These last about 750-1,000 hours on average and are very inexpensive to purchase.

The smartest way to shop for light bulbs…when you are out on your next shopping trip to your favourite Australian shop looking for light bulbs be sure to watch out for the little blue and white star with the words “Energy Star” on them, these products are widely known as the most energy efficient products on the market.

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