Spring Clean Your Power Bills

Spring Clean Your Power Bills

Power bills are just too high and the good news is that spring cleaning them doesn’t require much in the way of professionalism or sacrificing your sanity. With a few minor adjustments and simple changes to how you handle your electrical appliances, you can cut your power bills considerably.

Air conditioning and heating: Home HVAC systems rely on power to regulate temperatures inside houses. They need to be kept in top shape to ensure that they carry out their work smoothly. Factors such as dirt and debris as well as closing the vents can result in the system struggling to do its jobs which ultimately leads to use of more power than usual. Cleaning your ducts and vents as well as ensuring that they stay open will not only promote airflow but also lower your power bills. Installing a power efficient air conditioning system is also a great way to cut on your bills.

Washing machines and dryers: It takes very little effort to reduce the amount of power taken up by laundry. Simply turn it off when not in use, and load the right amount of clothes. Don’t use hot water for laundry unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also, consider doing your laundry at night when most electricity providers charge less per unit. Contrary to common misconceptions, clothes dryers use up a lot of heat which comes from power. As such, you will want to avoid using them as much as possible.

Dishwashers: These are other home appliances that tend to use up a lot of water. They utilise the same tactics as washing machines and loading them efficiently as well as reducing the amount of heat used are the best ways of reducing the amount of power they use. You can reduce the heat requirements of dishwashers by disabling the heat drying option. Also, consider using a rinsing agent as they make it difficult for water to stick to your dishes.

Lighting: Many homeowners to use of too many bulbs. Consider uninstalling any bulbs that you don’t need. Also, swap all of your bulbs for LEDs as these tend to use less power, and light up rooms sufficiently. Also, switch off all the lights when you leave a room or the house. Unplug the appliances and switch off your electric devices like the TV, desktop computers or X-Box instead of leaving them in standby mode.

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