Tips to choose energy efficient christmas lights

Tips to choose energy efficient christmas lights

Oh, the magic time of year when children are looking forward to a visit from Santa, families gather together around good food and fun memories, and your electric bill seems to get very high for a time. It’s easy to see why your electric bill jumps around the holidays, with all the lights from the Christmas tree, the lights around the house, and just the added people in your home from visits. Now, here are some helpful tips to help keep your electric bill under control while you are making Christmas memories in Australia.

  • LED Lights – Change out your old lights for the new LED lights. The new LED lights are not only brighter but they are also more energy efficient (LEDs use only about 10% of the electricity as other lights), and they last almost twice as long as the traditional lights.
  • Size – if you want to try to lower your electric bill try to do less strands but bigger bulbs. You can still have the same amount of light but with bigger bulbs you won’t have as many which means less strands and less cost.
  • Energy Star – you may have seen this sticker on appliances and things around the house, this little blue and white star offers rebates on selected items when you purchase them. Your Christmas lights can also qualify for this Energy Star rebate if you purchase select packs. So, not only do you save a little money on your bill but you get a little money back with your purchase.
  • Set timers – Instead of turning the lights on when dusk sets in and shutting them off in the morning when you wake up, put your lights on timers and leave them on for a few hours but maybe not all night (I mean who sees them at 4am anyways?)
  • Decorations Other Than Lights – While lights are nice they can be expensive so, skip all the lights and trade some strands for reflective decorations. This will still add the glimmer and shine to the decorations but without costing as much with lights.
  • Talk to your electric provider some electric companies will offer a discount or different payment method for Christmas time, so give your utility company a call and ask how they handle Christmas time payments and bills.
  • Energy Efficient all year – if you make your home energy efficient all year then you won’t have to worry about the slight increase during the holidays.


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