Tips to compare electricity and gas plans in Australia

Tips to compare electricity and gas plans in Australia

Utility prices have seemed to skyrocket lately and this is leaving the people of Australia to look into other options. The main utility we see being “researched” is the comparison of prices between electricity and gas. Which is better? Which is more cost efficient? Well, allow us to help you in your search for an affordable utility company with these few helpful tips and hints to compare electricity and gas plans in Australia.

  • Take your current bill and look to see how much usage you are using per service period. This will help give you an idea on how much you will be spending with other companies.
  • What is your home set up for? If your home is currently only set up for a gas system or an electric system you will probably want to stay with that system because installing a new system can be quite costly.
  • Check into any fees or tariffs for using a service. Most of these companies that rely on you paying your current company charge extra fees or tariffs for their service and sometimes with these added fees you aren’t saving any money. While the per usage fee is lower the additional fees make the entire cost the same if not more.
  • Discounts…but for how long? Most services will offer a discount or special price for a certain amount of time, typically a year to two years but what you need to watch out for is the cost of the service once this “discount” period is over. Most times the company will make your payment jump almost double or even triple after your discount period.
  • Repair Fees – this is another aspect to consider if you are going with a company that isn’t located in your area you might be expected to pay higher fees for repairs and maintenance.
  • Call around – while the internet it awesome for a starting point nothing beats taking a few minutes and calling different companies. When you call the company you can talk to an actual person and ask your questions (Be sure to have a list of questions prepared before you begin your research into companies) the other thing about a phone call is you can request information on paper, this makes it easy to keep track and even compare the companies in Australia because you can compare side by side.

You remember your parents telling you don’t jump on the first boat you find, instead wait and be patient to ensure you are getting the best deal for your buck!


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