Key tips to save energy and power

Key tips to save energy and power

We all like to save money and let’s face it there are much better things we could find to spend our money on rather than utilities, so why do we continue to pay high prices when we can follow a few easy tips to save energy and power which in turn will save us money on our bills.

  • Dress for the weather – while this may seem silly but if you think about it this way…if it’s cold and you wear wool clothing or warm clothing you can actually turn down your heater which in turn will save you money and the same can be said for those warm Australian summers. Wear cooler clothing and avoid turning your air conditioners on as much.
  • Air Conditioner – while using the AC is necessary at times there are still ways to save money. First, turn on the air on in the early morning when the house isn’t overly hot and it will take the unit to work harder in order to cool the home. Then turn off the unit after the home is cooled and try to use fans to circulate the air inside the home. Just turning off the air conditioning unit for a few hours will make a drastic impact on your bill.
  • Curtains – if you get heavier curtains and you close them during the day while the sun is out and the hottest you can help keep your home cooler. During the winter months you can keep heavy curtains closed to help keep the heat in and cold out as well.
  • Electric Thermostats – by setting your thermostat at a certain temperature your system will regulate the home automatically and this also will save you money because the home maintains the same temperature at all times, no drastic changes needed. The other part to this tip is that when you aren’t home you can set your timer so that the temperature isn’t as warm or cool. Set the thermometer to keep the heat off while you are gone at work and simply turn on right before you come home so the home is warm when you walk in. You would be surprised to know how much this method really saves.
  • Unplug – did you know that up to 10% of your electricity use comes from your electronics being on “standby?” So, if you are not using the items go ahead and unplug them if you can and save yourself a little bit, because you know a little bit adds up over time.
  • Change out those bulbs – Get rid of those old incandescent light bulbs and switch those for the new LED which are energy efficient and will help cut costs a little bit for you.

Keep in mind you don’t necessarily need to make major changes to save money but all those little changes will add up for you in the long run.


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