Why your business needs to save on power bills

Why your business needs to save on power bills

I am sure as you sit there in your computer chair at your desk staring at the title “Why your business needs to save on power bills” you are thinking well no duh, how could you possible write something explaining why a business needs to save money anywhere, especially on power bills. Shockingly enough though the power bill is the one place when a business is looking to make cut backs they never consider and it’s one of the easiest places for a business to save a few bucks. So, while this article would indeed be extremely short if we did only talk about why your business needs to save more money, we are going to show you a few examples as to how you can save your business money on their power bills.

  • Paint it white – not the whole business, silly but the roof of your company. A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Heat Island Group has shown that buildings with white roofs need up to 40$ less energy for cooling purposes, this suggests a business in Melbourne, Victoria or even Australia can save over $100 annually on their cooling bill alone.
  • Turn it off – before you or your employees leave the building at the end of the work day do an energy sweep. This is where you walk through checking to make sure things that can be turned off are turned off before leaving. Besides just turning these items off you can unplug them as well to save even more on the power bill. Some items include fans, coffee pots, printers, copiers, etc.
  • Energy Star Bulbs – you might have seen those funny looking spiral light bulbs in the stores, they boast a huge blue star and the title “energy star certified” and while this may not seem important I assure you it is. When you swap out your current incandescent light bulbs for the energy star certified bulbs you will be surprised at how much money your business can save.
  • Programmable Thermostat – This would be fabulous for any business, big or small. When you get the programmable thermostats you can not only set the temperature but you can set it to turn on at a certain time or turn off, as well as setting the temperature you want. Only have the heater or cooling system running when the building is in use and save a few bucks.

When your business saves money on power it only frees up money that can be used in other possibly more important things for your business. While I doubt these changes can happy overnight by taking the first step you are already on the path to saving money.


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